The Letters Project Team


Samantha Busch

Founder New York, New York

For the last three years, Samantha has helped websites more effectively interact with their new and existing users.  As the founder and CEO of the user acquisition and experience consulting firm Ambusch Consulting, Samantha helps businesses increase the efficacy of their acquisition campaigns and more consistently connect with their user base.

In her youth and through college Samantha always volunteered her time helping those in need; although her passion for service never diminished, once she founded Ambusch Consulting, she stopped being able to volunteer as much as she wanted to. In May 2014, a year to the day after formally starting her consulting firm, Samantha launched the Letters Project; an online platform that enables people to write letters of greeting, support and well wishes to terminally ill and developmentally disabled people.

The concept behind the Letters Project is simple; the time required is small, but the impact created by showing someone you care
can be huge.


Tasneem Abrahams

Editor Johannesburg, South Africa

Tasneem Abrahams is a freelance medical writer and Occupational Therapist who graduated from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2002. Tasneem is our Editor here at the Letters Project, following up on the disease and disability research. She is passionate about disability awareness, actively promoting the Letters Project’s mission in South Africa.


Victoria Shadle

Head of Business Development New York, New York

Victoria is currently finishing her undergraduate degree in Dance and International Business at Hofstra University and will graduate in May 2015. She has worked and interned in the Education Departments of a number of arts related non-profits and is happy to be expanding her work to other charitable organizations. Throughout her time at Hofstra, Victoria has been an active member of service clubs on campus, most notably Habitat for Humanity, and has participated in multiple week-long service programs for students during breaks. She is especially excited to be working with Letters Projects considering her interest in the ways non-profit organizations’ programs can supplement public education and enrich children’s lives.

Currently Victoria has been the force behind the New York initiative this year.  She’s reached out and corresponded with school districts in several counties and is expected to reach our goal of 50 school participants well before the school year is over.  Her work will provide us with the right funnel to expand to several states over a short period of time.


Natalie Bell

Midwest Region Director Hinsdale, Illinois

Currently enrolled at Elmhurst College with plans to graduate in May of 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communication Studies, Natalie has acted as our intern for the Midwest region since June of 2014. She plans on working in the area of nonprofit and fundraising following graduation. Not only is Natalie an avid supporter of our cause, but as a Letter Leader for the Midwest she organizes events, distributes lesson plans for participating schools, and leads our summer athletic programs.

Additionally, she has reached out to potential organizations in order to reach new demographics of letter writers and maintained our social media accounts.

Overall, Natalie has had a major impact on our growing participation in the Midwest.

Notable Supporters


Marianne Serratore

Letters Project Ambassador Montgomery, New York

Marianne Serratore has been an elementary school principal of Valley Central School District in Montgomery, New York since 2004. Marianne and her elementary school were the first to bring in the Letters Project program in New York.

Marianne’s teachers were very welcoming to trying out the lesson plans in their classrooms. There was such an overwhelming response from the students afterward that both the teachers and students decided that they would continue writing letters every few months.

Marianne is a Letters Project Ambassador for our organization. She has shared what Montgomery is doing with her district, she has reached out and contacted her colleagues from other schools to speak on our behalf and she has opened up her school to refine how we teach kids about empathy.


Jessica Sprong

Letter Leader Oak Brook, IL

Jessica single-handedly got her class, a week before graduating, to participate in the Letters Project. Her perseverance is something to be admired as she continues to inspire others to learn and write through our organization.


Clarendon Hills Middle School

Clarendon Hills, IL

Clarendon Hills Middle School has been the leading school for participation in the Letters Project. With what just started out with one eight grade class turned into the entire school coming together at the end of the school year to participate with plans on continuing participation every year.